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  1. Brian Kumanchik on October 26, 2010


    It’s great to get both of these products in one box for this price. been flying the sim for over 20 years and this is the best one yet, Very realistic.

  2. Pianoman on October 27, 2010


    Game loads and runs smoothly. Lots of lessons / tutorials to teach the basics, which is very helpful. Graphics are great.

  3. Javier Abalo on October 27, 2010


    Great simulator. I didn’t expect so much realism in pilotage, navigation and the overall flying experience. You have the controls.

    Only drawback for me: The view around doesn’t work with DirectX 10 in Vista, so I execute the game with DirectX 9

  4. J. Cardenas on October 28, 2010


    If you are a student pilot you are going to love this game! It helped me on my VFR pilot training. Now that I’m thinking about getting my instrument rating, I know this software is going to help me a lot as well! You have to have a very good graphics card on your system to fully enjoy it.

  5. Glenn Miller on October 30, 2010


    This is a great sim and by great i mean.I have no other words to express how well this sim looks,flys,and operates on my PC.(My PC: Phenom 9600 AM2+, ATI 4800 Vid Card with 1GB of GDR 5 RAM,an old Soundblaster audigy zs 2 plat sound card, and 4 GB of PC 6400 DDR2 RAM.h BTW the rig I had when this game came out was a MSI motherbord with SLI(1st gen) with PCIe 1.0 with 2 Evga 6800GT 256 Vid cards,2GBs of 533 Mhz DDR2 RAM,and an AMD 3800 (2.6 Ghz) scockett 939 single core processor,oh yeah,and the above mentioned sound card all runing on XP pro with SP2.The sim worked well on that system too.As you can see,neither system was nowhere near the top of the line system but I can have my aircraft models on ultra high,global graphics set on ultra and my FPS set at a constant 24FPS even going into KLAX. I haven’t tried Tokyo yet but I’m sure it’ll be flyable. As for all you people having install problems;I had the budget version of FSX installed with service pk 2 since they were available.I had the budget version of FSX and I was very excited to get all the extra aircraft that FSX Gold edition has in them…so in anticipation of the delivery of this excellent combo pk I did a complete uninstall of FSX and saved all my screens. When the great little package with the smiley face appeared at my door,I rushed back to my computer room and opened everything like it was a Christmas present and installed FSX delux first…long install as both disks are DVDs packed with flightsiming goodness.I excepted the EULA and did one intro flight in the Goose,which the budget version doesn’t have.I landed the goose off of Redondo Beach and shut down FSX and and installed the Acceleration pk.The add on that makes this flight better.Acceleration not only gives you New aircraft,Missions,Air Races,Red Bull Aerobatic competition,Aircraft carriers that move,excellent graphics,every airport in the world and ,all the service pk and fixes but,also has one of the most vibrant,helpful and friendly, active communities on the internet,such as sim-outhouse .The folks who are having problems would be well served by checking out the forums on the community sites,like the one mentioned above,or google FSX,you’ll be amazed at the amount of info out there. All this in one package for fifty bucks makes,Flight Simulator X Gold Edition…..The Best Flight Sim ever. BTW I posted some screens on the main page…check em out.

  6. David C. Richey on October 30, 2010


    Fun once you’ve downloaded the three disks. There are over 5,000 Airports, 30 planes plus three if you buy The Gold Version, and Loads of Missions to fly. My Favorite Feature is Free Play. You can take off from your Hometown Airport or any other and vist landmarks like The Egyption Pyramids, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Niagra Falls. You can download any plane you want online like UFO’s, Futureristic Fliying Cars, and my favorite, a Thunder Bird version F-16. I love this game. Make sure you buy a controler like A Saitek X52 joystick and throttle. This game is unplay able witout one.

  7. John D. Hillmer on October 30, 2010


    As a kid, our family owned one of the first IBM PCs, and MS Flight Simulator version 1! Over the years, I’ve bought each new version of Flight Simulator and usually I bought a new PC to fly it. When FS-X came out, I don’t think there was a PC on the planet that could fly FS-X with all the settings on max. (Well, maybe Microsoft had some, and maybe a few people built their own machines that came close, but I’m still not sure that in Oct 2006 when X first came out, that flying the simulator with all settings maxed out was a good experience for anyone). Almost everyone’s review says the same thing, basically, “you will need a very powerful PC and a huge/fast graphics card, lots of memory, etc…”

    But the question remained, just how much of a PC do you need if you want a good experience with all the settings maxed out? A few weeks ago, I took delivery of a new PC with:

    * Intel Quad Core i7-920 2.66GHz

    * ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card (1GB of memory on the video card)

    * 12GB tri-channel 1066 memory on the mother board

    * Windows 7 Pro (64bit)

    * A 7200rpm 1TB Hard drive

    And yes, now I can max out all the settings in Flight Sim X and still get 20-30 frames per second, very smooth! In populated cities (with all the settings on Max, and I do mean all) you will see frame rates at times like 15-20 but the planes are still very flyable, and it’s not too jerky).

    I am not over clocking my CPUs, and even though I know we can get faster CPUs, I do believe the Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz processor is fast enough for most of us to get FS-X running well — but only if you also get a very large and fast video card. In my case, the manufacturer of my PC (the one in Texas) offered a few graphics cards, and I just got the biggest one they had (some of you know you that you can put 2 video cards – connected, in a PC for a lot of money, but I don’t think that’s needed for this simulator). I’m guessing that anything smaller or slower than my card would have some impact on some of the settings in FS-X (my card supports DirectX 11, though DirectX 10 might have been enough). I do know that 12Gigs of Ram is overkill for FS-X; you don’t need that much to max out the settings in FS-X (I’d recommend at least 4Gigs of ram, more if you want to run other larger programs at the same time.

    Win 7 Pro (and Ultimate) let you run older programs in compatibility mode, such as Win XP, or Win 95 mode. I’m running FS-X in native Win 7 mode. My Win 7 is 64 bit, which helps the operating system address (support) more than a few Gigs of memory, among other benefits, but it’s possible if you had Win7 32bit with 4Gigs of ram and a very fast video card – you would also be pleased with the Flight Sim X performance.

    As always, your mileage may differ, but I finally have a PC that can flight Slight Sim X really nicely!

  8. Marco A. Quezada on October 31, 2010


    Great for performing basic procedures checks and flying around your local airport so you can get acquainted with the view out of the cockpit for navigation purposes. Flight dynamics are acceptable (I use the c-172) but without accurate control feedback there is little to be gained on how to truly fly the airplane. However, it has been a time saver for me as I learn to fly the real C-172.

  9. Triple7 on November 2, 2010


    Excellent product. Scenery and clouds realistic. If you have owned a previous version of Flight Sim before you will definitely like this version, there are a lot of cool enhancements. Am running this on a new Imac 24 inch computer using boot camp program that came with computer. Only advise for doing this is to make sure you make a large enough partition, other wise you might have install issues, I made a 100 gig for my windows products.

  10. Jon L. Albee on November 2, 2010


    Flight simulation for your PC just doesn’t get any better than this. Microsoft has been at this for a long time, and they make it better with every release.

    A few things seasoned flight simmers will know that new users will certainly WANT to know are:

    The system requirements to really make this software work well are dauntingly advanced. You’ll need something approaching a top-level gaming machine, with a huge video card, to get the full benefit of the entire visual, audible, advanced controls experience. Got a laptop you think is pretty smokin’? Forget it.

    Microsoft follows every release of this product with massive service packs you must download and install, and each one takes a huge chunk out of your hard drive. Be prepared with LOTS of disk space. This particular release (meaning, the “Gold Edition”) includes service packs one and two, so you won’t need to download them.

    An internet connection is required to register the product.

    A note to real pilots (I am also a pilot): Keep in mind that this is a $30 product for a home computer, not a Flight Safety training machine. The flight model is basic and stable, and is not intended to simulate extreme attitudes and emergency procedures. If you’re looking for a realistic spin trainer, or a procedural instrument trainer there are expensive add-ons that will get you CLOSE, but you should generally be looking elsewhere.

    Bottom line is that this is, hands down, the best of the lot, but you really DO need vast hardware resources to run it. If you own those resources, be prepared for a real-time, audio-visual feast.

  11. Augusto Nunes on November 3, 2010

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